Statistical Analysis

Our Goal

Our goal is to offer statistical analysis in the following areas involving digital assets. None of this analysis is tailored to a specific individual or account and is to be used for informational purposes only - Please contact us at in order to sign up to receive this analysis once its available

1) Regression Analysis - this analysis seeks to identify variables that may have an impact on the dependent variable (or currency pair)

2) Correlation Analysis - used to identify the strength of relationship between two digital assets

3) Confidence Intervals - a method of interval estimation, and can be used to estimate average daily range for digital asset

4) Volatility Analysis - used to estimate and predict likelihood of large movements in digital assets. Includes GARCH, EWMA

5) Historical VaR - Historical Value at risk seeks to answer the question, "What is the maximum I can - with 95% statistical level of confidence - expect to lose in $ over a timeframe?"