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Introducing our newest API solution, tailor-made for the discerning retail investor in the crypto space! While the majority of crypto data APIs on the market cater to the high demands of institutional clients, we understand that not everyone requires such intensive data feeds. Our API provides a streamlined, reliable solution perfect for those who need end-of-day updates for their investment models. Whether you're an individual investor or a small-scale trader, our platform offers the perfect blend of simplicity and accuracy, ensuring you have the trusted data you need without the complexity of institutional-grade offerings. Dive into the future of crypto data with our user-friendly and dependable API, designed with you in mind.

Streamlined & User-Friendly

Designed specifically for retail investors, our API offers easy navigation and integration, allowing for seamless end-of-day updates for all your investment models.

Reliable, Reconciled

Ensure your decisions are based on trusted and accurate information, with data that's curated and verified for the utmost precision. We perform gap analysis for all timeseries every other day in order to verify timeseries integrity.

Customizable Solutions

Need something a bit more tailored? Reach out to us for bespoke API endpoint solutions, and we'll work closely with you to meet your unique requirements. The possibilities are endless! Let us design the exact data that fits your need(s).

API Includes

    Binance Exchange
    OHLCV, Options, Futures, Summary Statistical
    Choose Response Type between JSON, CSV or XLSX
    Personal License
    DeriBit Exchange
    OHLCV, Volatility, Options, Funding
    Choose Response Type between JSON, CSV or XLSX
    Personal License
    Under Development - Coming Soon
    Proprietary CryptoDataDownload Data Sets
    Model Results, Risk Metrics
    Choose Response Type between JSON, CSV or XLSX
    Personal License
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