3 Common Ways Market Manipulation Occurs in Cryptocurrency Markets

Market manipulation refers to various fraudulent activities performed to deceive and manipulate the market for personal gain. In the cryptocurrency markets, there are several forms of market manipulation that occur from time to time. The SEC has recently brought several enforcement actions against individuals who are acting unethically or illegally in cryptocurrency markets. It is important to note that market manipulation is illegal and unethical. It undermines the integrity and fairness of the cryptocurrency markets, and investors should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions. Ultimately, it is greed that motivates others to try to manipulate markets to their advantage, and unsuspecting "investors" become victims.

Illegal Market Manipulation Techniques
  • Pump and Dump Schemes - Pump and dump schemes involve artificially inflating the price of a particular cryptocurrency, followed by selling it off at a higher price to unsuspecting investors. The manipulators typically start by promoting the cryptocurrency through various means, such as social media, forums, or messaging apps, creating hype around it. As more investors buy into the cryptocurrency, the increased demand drives up its price. Once the price reaches a peak, the manipulators sell their holdings, causing the price to crash. This leaves the unsuspecting investors with losses while the manipulators make a profit.

  • Spoofing - Spoofing involves placing large orders to buy or sell cryptocurrencies with the intention of creating a false impression of market demand or supply. The manipulators place a significant order on one side of the market (either buy or sell) but cancel it before it gets executed. By doing so, they create the illusion of strong buying or selling pressure, which can trick other traders into following the perceived market trend. Once other traders enter the market, the manipulators cancel their initial order and take advantage of the changed market conditions to execute their actual trades at a more favorable price.

  • Wash Trading - Wash trading occurs when an individual or group creates artificial trading volume by simultaneously buying and selling the same cryptocurrency. The manipulators control both sides of the transactions, typically using multiple accounts or collaborating with others. By engaging in wash trading, they create the appearance of increased trading activity, liquidity, and demand for a particular cryptocurrency. This can attract genuine traders who may believe the cryptocurrency is popular and actively traded. Ultimately, the manipulators use wash trading to manipulate prices or deceive others into thinking the cryptocurrency has genuine market interest.

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