Bithumb Exchange Data

Historical OHLC Data includes volume

This includes the timeframe, open price, high price, low price, close price, and the volume amounts.

BTC/KRW [Daily] [Hourly]
ETH/KRW [Daily][Hourly]
LTC/KRW [Daily] [Hourly]
ETC/KRW [Daily] [Hourly]
XRP/KRW [Daily] [Hourly]
XMR/KRW [Daily] [Hourly]
ZEC/KRW [Daily] [Hourly]
BTG/KRW [Daily] [Hourly]

Historical Trade Prints

Every transaction has a price and size/value. These are the prices at which actual trades took place between a buyer and a seller.
  • No data currently available.
  • Historical Order Books

    Orderbooks are captured by taking a snapshot of the market limit orders for both buyers (bid) and sellers (ask) in 5 minute intervals.
  • No data currently available.
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