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We have published several Coinbase educational articles with live python code examples to demonstrate how to access different aspects of the Coinbase API or perform a particular analysis. All of our code is well commented so that it is easy to follow line by line If you are interested in getting access to all of our executable Python and R codebases, please check out our services

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  • How to Retrieve Every BTCUSD Trade Tick From Coinbase Using Python
  • SOLVED: Coinbase Candlestick OHLC Data for ANY timeframe with Python
  • Download Coinbase API Data with R
  • Download Coinbase API Data via Python

  • Historical OHLC Price Data includes Volume

    Each file is easily downloadable in CSV format and can be consumed automatically by Python scripts or other automated processes. In each file, you will find the below/following fields. This OHLC (Open/High/Low/Close) pricing data is updated each day. Please reach out if you find discrepancies or errors in the data that need to be addressed

  • Unix Timestamp - This is the unix timestamp or also known as "Epoch Time". Use this to convert to your local timezone
  • Date - This timestamp is converted to NY EST Standard Time
  • Symbol - The symbol for which the timeseries data refers
  • Open - This is the opening price of the time period
  • High - This is the highest price of the time period
  • Low - This is the lowest price of the time period
  • Close - This is the closing price of the time period
  • Volume (Crypto) - This is the volume in the transacted Ccy. Ie. For BTC/USD, this is in BTC amount
  • Volume Base Ccy - This is the volume in the base/converted ccy. Ie. For BTC/USD, this is in USD amount

  • Currently unavailable. Technically, Coinbase has their own data market place that they would like users to use to access their data (this is a more recent offering). Link here --> Coinbase Data Market
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