FTX Exchange Data

Historical OHLC Price Data includes Volume and Trade counts

We track and produce files for Daily, Hourly, and Minute(!) time series pricing data for the spot/physical market. Each file is easily downloadable in CSV format and can be consumed automatically by Python scripts or other automated processes. In each file, you will find the below/following fields. This OHLC (Open/High/Low/Close) pricing data is updated each day and is taken directly from the exchange(s). Please reach out if you find discrepancies or errors in the data that need to be addressed

  • Unix Timestamp - This is the unix timestamp or also known as "Epoch Time". Use this to convert to your local timezone
  • Date - This timestamp is converted to NY EST Standard Time
  • Symbol - The symbol for which the timeseries data refers
  • Open - This is the opening price of the time period
  • High - This is the highest price of the time period
  • Low - This is the lowest price of the time period
  • Close - This is the closing price of the time period
  • Volume (Crypto) - This is the volume in the transacted Ccy. Ie. For BTC/USDT, this is in BTC amount
  • Volume Base Ccy - This is the volume in the base/converted ccy. Ie. For BTC/USDT, this is in USDT amount
  • Trade Count - This is the unique number of trades for the given time period

  • BTC/USDT [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    BTC/USD [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    ETH/USDT [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    ETH/USD [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    LTC/USDT [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    LTC/USD [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    BNB/USDT [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    BNB/USD [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    XRP/USDT [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    XRP/USD [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    LINK/USDT [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    LINK/USD [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    BCH/USDT [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    BCH/USD [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    TRX/USDT [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    TRX/USD [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]

    Futures OHLC Data includes Volume and Tradecounts

    In the below, you will find Daily, Hourly, and Minute(!) historical time series data for the derivatives/futures market Perpetual contracts. Each file contains the same field(s) and format as the spot market above. This data can be compared to the spot market prices in order to compare the basis spread (The difference between the spot and futures markets). Please reach out if you find discrepancies or errors in the data that need to be addressed and we will do our best to resolve.

    BTC/USDT [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    ETH/USDT [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    XRP/USDT [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    LINK/USDT [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    LTC/USDT [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    ADA/USDT [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    EOS/USDT [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    BCH/USDT [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    UNI/USDT [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    SUSHI/USDT [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    DOT/USDT [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    BNB/USDT [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    XTZ/USDT [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]
    TRX/USDT [Daily] [Hourly] [Minute]

    Historical Trade Prints

    Every transaction, regardless of size, takes place between a buyer and a seller and is recorded with the timestamp at which it occurred. These are actual historical trades; and these "trade prints" are made available below.
  • No data currently available
  • Historical Order Books

    Orderbooks are captured by taking a snapshot of the market limit orders for both buyers (bid) and sellers (ask) in 5 minute intervals.
  • No data currently available
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