Understanding OHLCV Tick Data Basics & Value as a Data Structure

Tick Data Use Cases and Value
We have written several articles showing how to download raw transactional (trade print) data from Binance, from Gemini , from Coinbase, and from Kraken, but we have not really covered the WHY too extensively as it relates to the importance of the data structure. Yesterday, we demonstrated how to download the raw transactional print data from Binance and convert it into OHLCV Tick data . Today we will cover 6 basic reasons for why OHLCV tick data is valuable and widely used in financial markets:

1. Accurate Representation - Tick data offers a precise and comprehensive representation of the market activity. It captures the actual trades and quotes, enabling a more accurate analysis of price movements, market trends, and liquidity.

2. High Frequency - Tick data is recorded at high frequency, often in real-time or near real-time. This frequency allows for detailed analysis of short-term price movements, market volatility, and intraday trading strategies as they capture literally every transaction that occurs.

3. Intraday Trading Analysis - Tick data is especially useful for intraday trading strategies that rely on capturing small price movements within a trading day. It helps traders identify entry and exit points, assess market liquidity, and make informed trading decisions.

4. Order Flow Analysis - Tick data provides insights into the order flow, showing the sequence and volume of trades executed at different price levels. This information is crucial for understanding market dynamics, detecting trends, and assessing the strength of buying and selling pressure.

5. Backtesting and Modeling - Tick data is essential for accurate backtesting and modeling of trading strategies. It allows traders and researchers to simulate trades based on actual market conditions, assess performance, and refine their strategies.

6. Market Microstructure analysis - Tick data enables a deeper analysis of market microstructure, including price impact, bid-ask spreads, market depth, order book dynamics, and transaction costs. This analysis provides valuable insights into market efficiency and liquidity.

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